2018 Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference

2018 PRC Proceedings

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A Creative Line Differential Protection Scheme for the Hudson River Crossing Section of a 345kV Transmission Line
Eric Anderson, Alex Echeverria, Michael Kockott, Bharadwaj Vasudevan

A Tutorial on the Application and Setting of Collector Feeder Overcurrent Relays at Wind Electric Plants
Martin Best, Stephanie Mercer

A Unified Approach to Controlled Switching of Power Equipment
Gabriel Benmouyal, Ritwik Chowdhury, Normann Fischer, Mark Talbott-Williams, Douglas Taylor

AEP Experience with Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Phenomena
Zachary Campbell

Analysis of Cascading Operations for Adjacent Line Faults
Song Ji, Yujie (Irene) Lu, Scott Slaski

Analysis of Ground Distance Protection Response on a Non-Bolted Fault at National Grid
Song Ji, Yujie (Irene) Lu

Analyzing Faulted Transmission Lines: Phase Components as an Alternative to Symmetrical Components
Steven Chase, Amol Kathe, Sumit Sawai

Beyond the Knee Point: A Practical Guide to CT Saturation
Ariana Hargrave, Brad Heilman, Michael Thompson

CCVT Failures and Their Effects on Distance Relays
Sophie Gray, Derrick Haas, Ryan McDaniel

Changing Protection in Real Time
Roy Moxley

Circuit Breaker Ratings – A Primer for Protection Engineers
Bogdan Kasztenny, Joe Rostron

Considerations and Benefits of Using Five Zones for Distance Protection
Ricardo Abboud, Jordan Bell, Brian Smyth

Critical Telecommunications Issues for Grid Control
Roger Bryant, Leonard Leech, Bob Lockhart, Bruce Mackie, Matt Schnell

Delayed Current Zero crossing Phenomenon During Switching of Shunt Compensated Lines
Pratap Mysore, Paul Nyombi

Deploying Digital Substations: Experience with a Digital Substation Pilot in North America
Mike Ramlachan

Directional Element Design for Protecting Circuits with Capacitive Fault and Load Currents
Dave Minshall, Michael Benitez, Karl Smith, Joe Xavier

Directional Elements – How Fast Can They Be?
Armando Guzmán, Jean León Eternod, Rafael Martínez Morales, Mangapathirao Mynam, Veselin Skendzic

Distance Protection: Why Have We Started With a Circle, Does It Matter, and What Else Is Out There?
Bogdan Kasztenny, Edmund O. Schweitzer, III

Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery – What it is and How IEC 61850 can Help
Alex Apostolov

Generator Third-Harmonic Protection Explained
Ritwik Chowdhury, Dale Finney, Normann Fischer, Jason Young

Hidden Failure Detection in Protection System via Centralized Substation Protection
Hussain Albinali, George Cokkinides, Evangelos Farantatos, Sakis Meliopoulos, Paul Myrda

High-Impedance Differential Applications With Mismatched CTs
Hector Altuve, Russ Franklin, Hossein Nabi-Bidhendi, Michael Thompson

Impact of Incipient Faults on Sensitive Protection
Leonardo Torelli, Ilia Voloh, Zhihan Xu

Interfacing IEC 61850 Station Bus Protection to Existing Protection in a Brown-field Substation
Donald Pratt, Mark Seiter

Locating Faults Before the Breaker Opens – Adaptive Autoreclosing Based on the Location of the Fault
Armando Guzmán, Titiksha Joshi, Bogdan Kasztenny, Mangapathirao Mynam

Microgrid Protection and Control Strategies at Duke Energy
Aleksandar Vukojevic

New Method of Capacitors Failure Detection and Location in Shunt Capacitor Banks
Mark Adamiak

Optimizing HV Capacitor Bank Design, Protection, and Testing
Benton Vandiver

Performance of Differential Protection under the influence of Ferroresonance
Bruce Andrew Mork, Hemanth Kumar Vemprala

Protection and Control Dependencies on Time: Applications, Challenges and Solutions
Galina Antonova

Revision of IEEE Std C37.238, Power Profile for IEEE-1588: Why The Big Changes?
Galina Antonova

Summary of Revision, IEEE C37.119‐2016, Guide for Breaker Failure Protection of Power Circuit Breakers
Bruce Mackie

Systematic Assessment of Line Loadability
Saman Alaeddini

Teleprotection with MPLS Ethernet Communications - Development and Testing of Practical Installations
Michael Bryson, Tariq Rahman, Eric Udren, Solveig Ward

Testing Superimposed-Component and Traveling-Wave Line Protection
Christopher Pritchard

Transmission and Generation Misoperations During an Extreme Weather Event
Taylor Raffield

Tutorial on Protection of Three Single-Phase Transformers
Nicholas Keough, Stéphan Picard, Yujie Yin

Using Protective Relays for Microgrid Controls
William Edwards, Scott Manson

Utilizing the IEC 61850 Process Bus Architecture for Robust Protection Functionality in Digital Substations
Paul Robinson

What can we learn from a failed transformer
Roy Moxley

What's New in C37.113 - IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Tranmission Lines
Gustavo Brunello, IEEE PSRC - D36 Working Group

What’s the Frequency, Heinrich?: From the Æther into the Wire
R. Benjamin Kazimier


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