2020 Georgia Tech Fault and Disturbance Analysis Conference

Papers & Presentations

A Most Unusual Event Analysis
Frank Stacom, Ed McGann

A National Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence on the Grid
Sean Murphy, Michael Anderson, Alexandra von Meier, Mohini Bariya, Theo Laughner, Dennis Lucarelli

Analysis on the effect of sub-harmonic frequencies on P class phasor measurements
Abhishek Madhyastha

Case Studies in Analysis of Transmission Line Faults: Part 2
Sudipta Maiti

Case Studies in Analyzing Transformer Installation Faults – Part 1
Sudipta Maiti

Event Investigation of 69 kV Double-Circuit Faults
Amanvir Sudan, Ahsan Mirza, Christopher Bolton, Girolamo Rosselli, John Dixon

Harmonic Analysis of a wind power plant-A comparative analysis case study of modeling and measurement
Bikash Poudel, Chandra Pallem, David Mueller

Using High-Resolution Oscillography to Improve the Performance of Controlled Switching for Transformers
Ritwik Chowdhury, Vetti Bala, Brett Hampson

Utilization of PMU data through effective angle prediction algorithm for the prevention of wide area blackouts
Sarina Adhikari, David Mueller, Bob Zavadil


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