2020 Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference

Papers & Presentations

Transfer-Trip Implementation Considerations in Protecting Generating Facilities
Nicholas Rutledge

Directional Comparison Blocking Schemes - Improving Security for Single Component Failure
Ovidiu Vasilachi, Irene Lu

Case Study: Transformer Differential Incorrect Operation Due to System Grounding
David Roh, Lorne Clark, JC Theron

An Introduction to NERC PRC-027 Studies for Transmission, Synchronous and Inverter Based Resources
Antonio Limon, Caitlin Short, Chris Hoene

Benefits of Combining Four Transformer Differential Schemes for Autotransformer Protection
Michael Garcia

Accept Uncertainty and Prepare to Adapt with Increased Penetration of Inverter Based Resources
Manish Patel

Time-Coordinating Protection Devices Over an Entire Reclose Sequence – A Generalized Approach
John Seuss, Yoav Sharon


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