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2024 Georgia Tech Fault and Disturbance Analysis Conference

Papers Proceedings

20 Years of Reliable Service: Revisiting a Distribution Automation Scheme After 2 Decades
Chris Stephens, Dustin McNeely, Greg Hataway, Bryant Grace, Brett Cockerham

Analysis and Troubleshooting of 500kV line operation with Unit feeder differential misoperation
Gary Kobet, George Pitts

Analysis of POTT Operation Failure on Complicated Simultaneous Inter-Circuit Faults
Song Ji, Irene Lu, John Wang, David Lovely, Derek Morris

Analysis of Single-Phasing Event of a Large Pump Storage Motor-Generator and Prevention Method
Frank Ronci

Analysis of Sub Synchronous Oscillation Events in Power Systems with High Inverter-Based Resource Penetration
Thomas Purcell IV, Richard Tuck, Chetan Mishra, Micah Till

Data Management and AI Tools for the Utility Environment
Theo Laughner

Digital Fault Recorder Calibration and Other Factors Affecting Fault Location
Ethan Mueller, Robert Orndorff

Disturbance Recording Systems in IEC 61850 Based Digital Substations – Components and Architectures
Alexander Apostolov

Estimating Short-Circuit Capacity Using Measurements of Capacitor Switching Operations
Anthony Murphy, Surya Santoso, Gaurav Singh, Jonathan Sides

Identifying Configuration and Monitoring Equipment Issues using PQ Interval Data
Jonathan Sides, Christoph Lackner, Anthony Murphy

In-situ Frequency Response Measurements for Voltage Sensors and Their Applications
Gaurav Singh, Anthony Murphy, Jason Johns, Nathan Hooker

Interruption of Island Generation and Load when Tie Line Load Limits are Missed
Dean Sorensen

NERC Update
Rich Bauer

Optimal Traveling-Wave Fault Locator Deployment and Performance Assessment: A Dominion Energy Case Study
Te-Yu Lin, Keanan Zafar, Robert Orndorff, Micah Till

Pilot Testing of an AI Algorithm to Identify Fault Category and Fault Cause from DFR Records
Finlay Macleod, David Cole, Aaron Acton, Mark Diamond, Paul Donnegan

Power Quality Grid Monitoring at Scale
Theo Laughner, James Anderson, Bob Marshall

Time and its Role in Fault and Disturbance Analysis
Alexander Apostolov

Understanding the Impact of Time Inaccuracy on Synchrophasors, Traveling-Wave Fault Locating, and Line Current Differential Protection
Arun Shrestha, Priyanka Nadkar, Jackson Fultz


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