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WinIGS Applications & Training Guides

WinIGS Training Guide Updated June, 2017

WinIGS Structural Dynamics Training Guide Updated February, 2017

Click on the above links to download the WinIGS Applications Guides (Adobe PDF File Format)

For WinIGS Licensees Only

To Download WinIGS Version 7.2k (April 21, 2019 - Includes both 32 and 64 bit Versions*)

1. Enter Your WinIGS Serial Number:

2. Click button to download WinIGS:   (WinIGS Application Installer)

3. Click button to download AgcCls:   (Concurrent License Server Installer - Version 2.04)

Concurrent License Server Installation Guide

Please note that in order to download and install WinIGS you must have a WinIGS Serial Number. A WinIGS serial number is provided by AGC upon purchasing the WinIGS program.

After you enter your WinIGS serial number and click on the Download button, a dialog should appear with buttons labeled Open, Save, and Cancel.  Please click on the Open button in order to execute the WnIGS installation program.