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Latest program version : WinIGS 7.5z - September 25, 2021

New Features in Present Version

Soil Resistivity Data.  The maximum number of soil resistivity measurements is now user specified, (Up to an ultimate limit of 5000 measurements).

Exclusion Areas can now be defined within equipotential plot frames, where earth, touch, and step voltages are not evaluated.  This option is useful in cases where the area of interest contains areas where touch and step voltage evaluation is not necessary, such building footprints, concrete pads, etc.

Enhancements in Lightning Shielding Analysis (Rolling Sphere Method). User can now specify additional parameters that determine the striking distance including the shape factor k and the maximum shielding structure height. A slider has been added setting the size of the blue and red markers indicating exposed area and strike locations.

Structural Dynamic Analysis (SDA) Enhancements. Mechanical modeling of stranded conductors has been enhanced. Strain bus pretension capability added, for more accurate modeling of high tension strain buses

Updated Conductor Library.  The conductor library now supports full merging of conductor data between user libraries,  installation libraries, as well as case data files. Furthermore, the library editor provides many new features, such as automatic evaluation of electrical parameters from geometric data and extensive parameter validation (Ordering by ampacity option added).

Recently Added Features

Multithreaded Computations.  Grounding analysis can now take advantage of multicore processors.  Specifically, the assembly of the ground conductance matrix, as well as equipotential curve plotting can utilize multiple CPU cores (if available), resulting in significantly faster execution. 

Various other recent enhancements were recently added, include:

• Soil Measurement Interpretation Algorithm Improvements.

• Fence model concrete foundation option.

• Steel Conduit Enclosed Circuit model has been released.

• Maximum GPR can now be run on multiple buses in “batch” mode.

• Improved accuracy of nearest conductor touch voltage plotting.

• Human body resistance can now be optionally user selected.

• Automatic Setting of Equipotential Plot Frame location and shape based on site perimeter fence.

• User selectable precision in Fault Current Analysis ASCII files.

• Steel Post Array - Added user specified panel width.

• Fixed horizontal conductor in GEM conductor specs update issue.

• Enabled printing of rotated Tranparent images in Ground Editor.

• Updated PV Model to work at DC and at User Set Insolation.

• Updated Steel Post Array to Work with LSA.

• Multiline Text Annotations in SLD Editor.

• Polygonal Element Parallel Offset.

• General Polyhedron Civil Element in Ground Editor.

• Support of Different Length Voltage and Current Probes in Wenner and Schlumberger Analysis.

• Supports User Specified AC & DC Resistances in Cable Editor.

Polygonal line to steel post array substitution.

Additional information on past versions is available under the "New Features" section of the WinIGS program online help.

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