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WinSGM Download Page

Download rights are available to current software maintenance licensees. In order to download the user manual and/or the WinSGM software you will need a WinSGM User Name and Password. User names and passwords are provided by Hood Patterson & Dewar upon purchasing the WinSGM software maintenance package.

(WinSGM last update: October 2021)

 Download the SGM User's Guide - April 2022 - Version 8.7 - Adobe PDF File Format

 Download the WinSGM Program - April 2022 - Version 8.7 - (See also instructions below)

Program Downloading and Installation Instructions

1. Click on the Download link (above).

2. In the SGM Download Authorization Window enter your WinSGM User Name and Password and click OK.

3. In the File Download dialog click on the Open button to downloading the installation program.

4. Once the downloading is completed the WinSGM Installation Dialog opens. Click on the Setup button to execute the installation software. (This is a standard windows installation program).