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XFM Overview

The XFM Program reads standard COMTRADE files and provides advanced graphical displays and analysis functions, including:

• Flexible Display Manipulation via mouse or keyboard, including zooming, panning, and dual cursors with dynamic computational displays (e.g. RMS values, average values, frequency, phase, total harmonic distortion, etc.)

• Waveform Calculator. generates additional waveforms defined as mathematical operations on any combination of waveforms included in the COMTRADE file. Examples are: RMS values, harmonic magnitude and phase, positive, negative and zero sequence components, Karrenbauer transformation, etc.

• Spectrum Analyzer. Harmonic analysis of any waveform included in the COMTRADE file.

• Phasor Display. Displays phasors of selected waveforms graphically. Either phase quantities or symmetric components can be displayed.

• Fault Locating. The Fault locating algorithm is based on an advanced physical model of the faulted circuit, which takes into account phase and ground conductor types, sizes, and physical arrangement. Single-end, double-end, and double-end-synchronized measurement data are supported.

Monitoring Functions. Can be setup for continuous monitoring of a system by interfacing it with data acquisition hardware. Several hardware vendors are supported. Custom design interfaces with customer hardware can be provided. Unique features are: (a) Explicit modeling of the instrumentation channels and data acquisition units, a variety of triggering functions for disturbance capturing (disturbance data are stored in standard COMTRADE format). (c) Monitoring of a variety of complex system conditions.