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Please note that in order to sucessfully install WinIGS-T or WinIGS-Q you must have a valid Serial Number. A serial number is provided by AGC upon purchasing the WinIGS program.


For WinIGS-T Licensees Only

Download WinIGS-T Version 2.7w (Updated May 10, 2024)

For Concurrent WinIGS-T Licensees Only

If you have a concurrent WinIGS-T license, the AgcCls Concurrent License Server must be installed on a single computer only. Each user’s WinIGS-T application must be able to communicate with AgcCls via the local area network to obtain permission to operate. You can downlad the AgcCls installer as well as installation instructions using the links below:

Download AgcCls Version 2.04

Concurrent License Server Installation Guide




For WinIGS-Q Licensees Only

Download WinIGS-Q Version 2.9b (Updated September 6, 2023)